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Wilderness Experience Tour Operator Wilderness Experience Tour Operator Wilderness Experience Tour Operator Wilderness Experience Tour Operator Wilderness Experience Tour Operator Wilderness Experience Tour Operator

Wilderness Experience is a tour operator for adventure travel niche high-profile.

Initially we provided ground services to well-known Italian and foreign tour operators, soon became their point of reference in those specific areas. For more than fifteen years directly offer our kind of adventure travel getting unanimous acclaim and popularity continues to grow.

Tailor made luxury

First in Italy, we have tied the world of adventure travel in the luxury, exclusive services in locations dream. We apply a rigorous and professional tailor-made to destinations fascinating and charming. The exclusivity combined with a solid reputation of experienced professionals has become our hallmark. The possibility to book the utmost privacy and personalized service is highly appreciated by our customers, including many VIP. This mix has decreed a continued success of our travels, many of which have become real must.

Fascinating Journeys

Travels offering the charm of the research and the thrill of exploration in the surrounding environment where adventure is dedicated to everyday experience. The deep respect for the environment and local populations is demonstrated by our continued commitment to that effect, through our partnership with Survival International for the Protection of the rights of ethnic groups such as the San of the Kalahari. But also through our support to the children of 'AC Orphanage & Day Care center Kibaoni Manyara in Tanzania and the conservation of wildlife in the Kalahari Conservation Society.

International Network

Today the image of Wilderness Experience has markedly international footprint with six operating companies abroad (see 'about us') and a representative office in USA. We are in effect local operators on most of the destinations we offer and this has a positive impact on services and prices.

Safari safely and in full compliance with the rules

The use of our professional guides, the use of efficient and well equipped 4x4 vehicles, the choice of lodges / hotels / tented camps exclusive and fascinating always guarantee a high level of quality. But everything has to be carried out in accordance with the local people, the environment and wildlife that live in this environment. And given that respect also comes from education and from information, the team at Wilderness Experience has always been involved in this campaign. All information that you will receive will be useful to understand how precarious the balance in nature and how it should be given the utmost care to preserve it.

Our guides: the security of true professionals

Whether you are in the middle of the Big Migration in Tanzania or engaged in trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina or a few meters from the mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, you should always keep in mind the recommendations of your guide. They are real professionals and know the right approach to the environment that surrounds you at that time. This is one of the reasons why the staff of Wilderness is composed only by experienced professional guides with many years of experience and years of hard work behind it. When you're a few meters from a Kalahari lion of more than five hundred pounds or a huge hippo in the Okavango Delta, you'll understand exactly what we mean. Be able to assess risks or threats from the environment is one of the duties of your guides.

A journey built on the Internet? No thank you!

For our type of travel, assume that the web can support you in a comprehensive way in the construction of a route or in finding adequate services, it is very often a big mistake. There are wild and remote sites of our planet, which we cannot afford to improvise anything, it is essential that an appropriate choice guarantees basic factors such as professionalism, competence, experience and consequently security.

Give you a dream trip is one of your best options, because traveling is nice, but with the Wilderness Experience it is more.

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